Supportive collection of stories by mothers who breastfed their children through toddlerhood. 


​A children's picture book which provides an entry point for young children to appreciate the importance of equality and the obstacles that currently exist to prevent girl children from achieving it.

They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children, co-authored by Jessica Dee Humphreys
Child Soldier, by Jessica Dee Humphreys


To Three and Beyond, two stories by Jessica Dee Humphreys

Jessica Dee Humphreys

​​Award-winning examination of the recruitment and use of children in violence and armed conflict, co-authored with LGen Romeo Dallaire.

Waiting for First Light, co-authored by Jessica Dee Humphreys

Awards-winning graphic novel for ages 10 to 14 shares the true story of a five-year old boy abducted by a rebel militia, and his inspirational message. 

Toronto Star articles by Jessica Dee Humphreys

​Bestselling memoir of LGen Romeo Dallaire, force commander for the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, and his struggle with PTSD. 

Day of the Girl, by Jessica Dee Humphreys

Heartwarming stories to bring a little joy to the news cycle.  ​Weekly in the Sunday Toronto Star's Together section.